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176bd2b2.jpgWhen it occurs to you, today,
consciously begin to look at
everyone you see through what
might be called sacred eyes –
soft eyes, caring eyes, loving eyes.

That is, look at each individual,
man, woman or child, and allow
(choose) an inner feeling
of total acceptance and love for
the goodness and kindness
that is inherently within each
person you see – on the street,
at the market, at a stop light,
in the office.

Do this for a few minutes
without regard for other people’s
expression or appearance.

With sacred eyes (and heart)
you can “sense” God within all
others. Allow this feeling of
love, of kindness, of non-judgment
toward all others to continue
for a few minutes.

You will notice that while you
are practicing this meditation,
a gentle, loving and benevolent
smile will become your relaxed
expression, and you will realize
how wonderful and refreshing
this simple meditation is…
for your own heart.

God is Love. St. John
The very form of God is Love. Ramana

Always in Love,

– Jeff Belyea on meditationsocietyofamerica

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