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Peace is here 平和はここに




My dear ones, after next month there can be only delight in human
consciousness. The negative demonstrations of damage on demand in man¹s
control can be altered. Man can mandate a different reality as soon as man
goes thru the ascension gateway.


A new government can get elected. A new act of energy can be available to
all who are able to accept the changes it brings. A different adventure of a
completely emerging America can be anticipated.


Parents can get a different form of management advice due to an open channel
to them and their children. Children can get their guidance as masters of
their own lives. A different competence level will be expressed by parents
and children.


Mind can act as man¹s determination of the level of awareness of his
actions. Mind must be changed from controller to change adaptor. Children
are making an ascension also. All of them who are to ascend are to be able
to adapt easily to man¹s new conditions. Accept all that occurs with


A different continent of modern America is emerging. This will alter the
most advanced continent capable of altering others. Nuclear devices must be
destroyed. Closure to this mode of military condition can occur. All
countries of nuclear capability are going to give them up, including N.
Korea. This will occur as a condition of mediation and can decrease attacks
on other continents. America can determine how this occurs. Peace is now an


Palestinians are going to get a major concession on American demands and are
not going to create any more destruction. Plans of destruction now can be


N. Korea must get assistance on determining their human condition. This can
be the altering made on nuclear concessions. Peace can occur now.


Help of other nations must come to Africa. Africa needs more than money.
Medicine and major construction of human demonstrations of caring
delegations are mandatory. Food and deployment of care givers must go to
many African countries. Peace can occur now.


Muslims are characterized as terrorists now. This needs to change. Muslims
are devoted to God and many are aware and awake beings. Their continued
prayer has helped many demonstrations be condemned as non-acceptable.


Terrorists are not God¹s messengers. Terrorists are making this call to
continue destruction because of man¹s disregard for man¹s neighbors.
Terrorists kill for greed and money. Money of great amounts have been given
to terrorists by a group of masters of deception. Masters of deception will
be exposed. Peace is coming.


The majority of the planet is moving to a different day of emerging
consciousness. As many ascend, many can change all that needs to change.
Ascension is NOW. Claim our new days of coming events as the New Age of man.
Take all of the days money concerns and give them to God. Please give God
the ability to lead the way to this New Age.


Money can come as a bi-product of ascension. Abundance of money, healing,
caring, man¹s giving of human delight to all the living. Patience and the
ability to dance in the days to come are being demanded now. Peace and
caring of all on earth are coming. Take this as a leap of faith.


Peace is here.


I AM Saint Germain

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