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NOTE FROM ARUNA: I have never been comfortable with channeled predictions
because the ascended masters are not living in time and space, so I searched
the web to see if other channelings were saying similar things. They are.
Two sites in particular were saying the exact same things I am receiving
here. You can check them out at:

and <>  (this one describes the financial
changes mentioned in this message in more detail).



Master Message 16


My dear ones. Manifesting a different direction of human control must come
out of discontent about the current conditions. It is not our decision. It
is the mass consciousness of all man¹s desires and means. My details can now
be mentioned as much alignment is already taking place.


Masters on all levels of ascension are more directly involved and can demand
much clarity about all that comes next. Clarity about man¹s destiny comes
from inner knowing. Inner knowing comes out of a quiet mind. Passion about
mastery comes from an active mind. Mastery does not come out of mind.
Mastery makes acceptance number one. Acceptance acts as the catalyst of
man¹s desire for more harmony.  Acceptance of man¹s contradictions can
develop a quiet mind. Clearing out negative attitudes about anything
develops a quiet mind. Acting neutral, dear ones, in any condition, can give
more light than desire or mental direction.


My message today includes direct instructions to deliver a different
1. Meditate
2. Acceptall that contradicts my teachings as another condition creator
3. Acceptmental chaos as a natural condition of deepening ascension in the
4. Createnothing other than mental quiet.
5. Healyour relationships that can be healed.
6. Factsabout mind and doing nothing but delving deep on the days of events
arenot to be questioned. Mind questions to maintain drama.
7. Factsabout more chaos on the earth are only mind activators. Act as
thoughnothing matters.
8. Healingthe mind/body comes out of acceptance. Accept the condition as
thecontract for creating a better life. Health issues are not always due
tomental denials. Heal issues are also caused by ascension.
9. Purificationcan cause many health symptoms. Change causes new
developments inside andoutside human experience.
10. Facedaily life non-attached to events on the news.

Police state conditions are not going to occur. Clearing the old does not
necessarily mean conditions of great destruction. Some can occur.


Complete collapse of banks and money conditions are not to occur. Release of
debt and current money controls in the US are to occur.


Control by a minority of money collaborators will collapse. America¹s
government collapses as part of this.


Can this government create Peace on Earth? Can this government destroy all
the good things now being announced by this dictation? NO it can¹t. It can
only come down and allow a new government to take its place. No death is
coming to its leaders. No control by others grasping for leadership.


Matters of deep concern are now being changed and months are the time factor


I AM Saint Germain



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