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To create the joyful abundant peaceful free creative world

My visions to create the joyful abundant peaceful free creative world.

One is reforming the present monetary system.  We call it Debt Money System.  In this current  DMS, money is created  by private banks with a positive interest rate from 0.  And this system has two disadvantages to the public interest.  One is the unstable fluctuation of the amount of money circulation, bubbles and bursts of economy.  Because private banks can create and destroy money(once the lent money is repaid, this money is vanished) according to only their private interests.  Two is the created money by the private banks means the whole society except them fall in the debt.  We need repay the interest on the debt.  

 So we want to replace DMS with Public Money System.  In PMS, money is created and controlled by Public Agency without interest.  For this monetary reform, firstly, we will introduce Electric Public Money Token, which is a crypto currency issued by regional financiers as regional currency, by being exchanged 1 to 1 with the fiat money. We will provide them with open source block chain program.  The users of EPM Token are charged 0.1% transaction fee as Community Service Fee for every transaction.  CSF will be shared between the regional finances and us by the rate 7 to 3.

And EPM token will be able to provide big data to create a new Economics which is corresponding to our real economy.

 Two is creating Eco Village.  We will create Eco Village, where all exponential technology can be introduced and experimented for living firstly in Japan. And if we succeed, we will share all the know-how with everyone.

This is the vision so far.

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